"I hope it is a small step to get people to participate in politics"

HDYD Session

Pieter Baert contextualizes his project of the Questioning Party of the VRT, for the local elections in Vlaanderen.

For every country you should start form scratch, because there are so many different local interests.

Get people that are not involved in politics. Get them involved in politics. And that worked.
We can check whether the promises politicians make are actually being executed. So if a party promises a soccer field, you can check it.
You can do an evaluation after six years. 
Politicians say that they are close to people, but they were afraid. We give them tips about how they should do politics.
They are actually afraid . You promise me this, and you don't do it. Hopefully young politicians say: this is handy.

In six years more people will have smartphones with dataconnections, so we might use a mobile app.
VRT was extremely important for the project, because of the exposure. It also worked because it was local, and people were interested in the topics that we addressed.

I hope it is a small step to get people to participate in politics.


Prophets, a digital agency in Antwerpen that doesn't mind talking about bigger pictures, worked with the Belgian TV channel VRT on a participative concept to attract Flemish voters during the run-up to the 2012 Municipal elections. VRT and Prophets developed the ‘The Questioning Party’ (‘De Vragende Partij’) concept in several workshops. Prophets handled the phased launch’s technical side and got it on the right track.

Building the platform was quite a feat. Research showed that no CMS or existing platform had all the functions Prophets needed or was versatile enough to be adapted. That’s when they decided to build their own platform. The Questioning Party was created using DotNet technology which was rolled out in phases through Microsoft’s Azure cloud hosting platform. This enabled to absorb user peaks extremely smoothly and flexibly.

Why we invited them

We're very curious about this project, how it came to be, and how it exactly worked.

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