Sammy Rogmans

Project Manager at iMinds

Sammy Rogmans received an M.S. degree in 2007, from the Lessius Hogeschool, Campus De Nayer, Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Belgium, in electrical engineering with specialization in information and communication technology. Since January 2008, Sammy Rogmans is working toward, and currently finalizing, his Ph.D. in computer science at the Expertise centre for Digital Media of the Hasselt University, which was funded by the IWT and had a collaboration with IMEC.

Mr. Rogmans is, starting from August 2009, also the founder and CEO of Nexilis, a company that focusses on engineering computations related to the overall comfort and energy performance of houses and buildings. In parallel from January 2012, he is an iMinds project manager at the Expertise centre for Digital Media, managing 3 European (FP7 and CATRENE) research projects together with several Flemisch projects (ICONs).

With his Master's thesis and Ph.D. about real-time multiview video on graphics hardware, he won six scientific awards in total, including the M.Sc. Barco Award 2007. His main interests are e.g. multi-camera vision, general-purpose computation on GPU, many-core platforms, image/video processing, real-time systems, but extend further to the entire domain of multimedia, HVAC, energy performance, comfort and computational science in general.

Participates in following conferences: