"Our mission is to stimulate collaboration, encourage experimentation and generate experience."

HDYD Session

"We are Soundlings, a growing group of international creatives, who work with sound. Our mission is to stimulate collaboration, encourage experimentation and generate experience.

We started Soundlings because we wanted to start a network, to collaborate more. We focus on sound elements. The projects can be educational, commerical or artistic. We were approaced by the Discovery Festival, a festival at 3 locations at the same time. We really like to look over national borders. Can we make connections to sound artists around the world? We came up with the idea of doing a networked streaming performance, in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Eindhoven. We used pretty old software. But we could really envoke interactions between people.

What we find so interesting is to work together with different people from accross the world by using the internet.
[Other people around the table have similar 'virtual companies'.]

One part of the project is to present everything we do to a general audience, to make it understandable for everyone.
But there is another layer of the network, that enable people to collaborate. Of course it is still important to meet each other...

Because we are living in this network society, we are learning to actively promote ourselves.
Sometimes it's quite hard to explain what you do, but it is so important.

It is really project based whether we are free to explore and do what we want, or that we have to execute what our customers are looking for."


'Soundlings is a growing circle of international creatives who work with sound. Among the members you will find people who are; artists, researchers, engineers, producers, software developers, composers, performers, designers and what not…Our aim is to stimulate collaboration, encourage experimentation and generate experience. To do so, we take projects or initiate them ourselves. We put together a well balanced team covering the necessary sonic perspectives and deliver works with genuine expression.' 

One of the latest projects that Soundlings has initiated was '_waveFronts'. It was a networked music performance that took place during the Discovery festival 2012. '_waveFronts' connected musicians from five cities to play together simultaneously.This project in particular represents some of the core ideas on which the Soundlings collective is based. We would like to start our session with this work, and briefly talk about how it connects to 'Soundlings' itself. We (the members) see the collective as an evolving project and it would benefit from an open discussion about its entrepreneurial function and cultural role in a networked society. 

Pinar Temiz is a sound designer, installation artist with a background in music. As the founding member of the Soundlings she holds a strong & optimistic vision towards how the future could be molded to favor upcoming creatives. For her own work she is specializing in dynamic / adaptive sound design and she is passionate about creating interactive experiences that engages people in long term, subtle, yet deeper ways. She accommodates her concepts & craft  to various creative disciplines with this aim on mind. In the past years she has worked in several youth projects within the Patchingzone, has lead and organized various workshops, and been part of STEIM research group; focusing on live performance systems. Her work also includes  involvement in several projects for IFAN (Independent Film Artist Network), designing sound content / developing tools for several visual and new media artists. Currently she works as a sound designer at the Guerrilla Games and  on the side she is focusing on her own interactive art works in collaboration with fellow Soundlings.

Tijs Ham (aka Tapage) is a musician and sound artist with a background in visual arts and founder of the recordlabel Tapeface. Musically, anything is possible, which is reflected by the broad sonic range of his output. So far he has released several full length albums on the Chicago based record label Tympanik Audio alongside countless e.p’s and compilation appearances. In his artworks he applies programming, live-electronics techniques and system design to explore and expand the possibilities of audible expression. Inspired by artificial intelligence, evolutionary processes and machine learning he incorporates similar approaches in order to create dynamic structures and experiment with their aesthetic results.

Mark IJzerman is active as a sound designer, music composer and educator with a great interest in interactive and procedural sound. Besides being an artist he believes in the importance of educating (young) people to make their own media. He has worked as an researcher and educator in the Netherlands, England, and Zambia, teaching electronic music to people of all ages. For the last few years he has been dividing his time between creating music or sound for various media, making interactive sound for installations, as well as leading workshops at some of the leading media art faculties in the Netherlands. His works carry a strong organic quality that is audible in all of his creations.

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