"By adding a game element the experience becomes more immersive."

HDYD Session

Spektor, or in occassion of Movember: Speksnor, show us that transmedia production gives you the tools to engage with the environment or, in their case, engage with a television series. Adding a game element facilitaded by a Facebook application, the Dutch television series 'Feuten' was given an extra dimension by Spektor. 

The game gave people the possibility to become part of the notorious student fraternity 'H.S.C. Mercurius' by entering the initiating, joining events and meet up the characters of the series in real life. Blurring the boundaries between reality and even fiction, creating a 'Truman' effect with the participators.

Spektor shows that by adding the game element and by involving the characters of the series, the experience becomes more immersive. By the real life events therefore, the gaming not only stayed virtual, but became reality. They also noticed that, in the end, it was not them making the stories in the game, but the 600 participants on Facebook did. 

After this success, Spektor now faces their new challenge: filling the gap between the following series.

Marissa Memelink


Spektor worked on some of the most popular transmedia stories of the past year, including the TV series Feuten. Transmedia? That means they weave their story across multiple media and not just TV. For example, you could have characters in the series that have a real twitter account. Or they may recreate a main character's smart phone, which is then made available online.

In the case of Feuten, a series about a fictional student fraternity, they ended up actually creating the fraternity, and organising a huge party that got everyone talking.

Why we invited them

Companies like Spektor are leading the experiments. What have they learnt about this field? What works best if you want to tell an engaging story? How do you change the story when your public so strongly takes a hold of it too?


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