Thanasis Korakis

University of Thessaly

Experimentation with wireless networks using the federated infrastucutre of Openlab

Title: Experimentation with wireless networks using the federated infrastucutre of Openlab

Presenter: Thanasis Korakis, University of Thessaly

Federation of heterogeneous testbeds has become of major importance for the research community lately. Openlab aims at the design and development of a federation framework that would enable experimentation with heterogeneous resources across Europe. A significant focus of Openlab is on wireless testbeds, exploiting OMF, an organized framework for controlling and orchestrating experimentation and measurement collection across different testbeds. NITOS and Planetlab are already federated and an experimenter can now reserve resources and execute experiments though common reservation and experimentation tools (myslice, OMF). As a proof of concept a demo utilizing OMF federation of resources will be presented during the talk. In this demo, a last hop wireless NITOS node receives a video streaming that is provided through a full functional video streaming service, implemented in the Planetlab-EU infrastructure.

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FIRE Engineering Conference