Thijs Dhollander

Medical Imaging Research Center (MIRC)

After obtaining a Master of Science in Informatics in 2008 and a Postgraduate in Advanced Medical Imaging in 2009, Thijs started a PhD in the Medical Image Computing (MIC) research group of KU Leuven.  Working at the Medical Imaging Research Center (MIRC) of UZ Leuven, in close collaboration with the group of Radiology, he is developing and refining novel methods for the analysis of Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI) data.  DWI is a new and exciting Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technique that is unique in its ability to visualize the white matter fibers connecting our brain in vivo and non-invasively. 

Along the road, Thijs has pointed out major flaws in existing methods, proposed new solutions and built models of normal human brain connectivity.  Currently, he is focussing on very recent developments in model-based super-resolution techniques and the risks involved with incorrect interpretation of their results in a clinical and research setting.  He has received several nominations and awards for his work and presentations, and is known to communicate technically complex matter to a broad audience.

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