Tobias Hossfeld

Title: Follow the Crowd: On QoE for Internet Applications Abstract: The Internet offers a multitude of diverse applications from web browsing to video streaming, but also concepts like data sharing or multi-user collaboration through clouds. Their service delivery over the Internet represents a relevant use case for various stakeholders. Hence, the interest in how users experience and perceive those applications has increased. The intention of this talk is two-fold. First, QoE results and their practical consequences are illustrated for Internet apps like YouTube. Second, the concept of crowdsourcing is highlighted to show its potential but also challenges towards QoE for Internet applications and beyond. Bio: Tobias Hossfeld studied computer science at the University of Würzburg, Germany. He finished his PhD on performance evaluation of future Internet applications and emerging user behavior in 2009. He is heading now the FIA research group Future Internet Applications & Overlays at the Chair of Communication Networks in Würzburg. He has been visiting senior researcher at FTW in Vienna with a focus on Quality of Experience research. His main research interests cover social networks, crowdsourcing platforms, content distribution networks and clouds, as well as investigations on Quality of Experience for Internet applications like Skype, YouTube, Web Browsing or cloud applications in general.


Participates in following conferences:
Qualinet Industry Forum