Wim De Waele

CEO at iMinds

Wim De Waele is Chief Executive Officer of iMinds, headquartered in Ghent, Belgium. iMinds specializes in interdisciplinary research and development in the software sector, working with companies and other partners on the newest technologies in domains such as networking, media, security and healthcare.

Besides his general management duties, he  also leads the market strategy and incubation efforts of iMinds with strong focus on the development of new start-up companies and business acceleration of technology concepts.

Wim De Waele obtained his master degrees in Economic Sciences and Computer Sciences at the University of Ghent in 1987. He started his career as scientific researcher at the university in the area of artificial intelligence in  industrial applications. He continued this work at Siemens R&D in Belgium and M√ľnchen.

After that he built the European consulting organisation of the Canadian software company Numetrix, specialized in planning software for the consumer packaged goods and process industry. In 1994 Wim joined i2 Technologies as Services Director for Europa, where he also built te European organisation from zero. He then was promoted to vice-president of consumer goods and retail, and moved to i2 headquarters in Dallas. Upon his return to Europe in 2001, he became Chief Technology Officer of the distressed Real Software Group. After the turn-around and sale of the company to a private euqity group, he left Real Software for iMinds on  august 1st, 2004.

Wim De Waele is also involved in public initiatives such as the new media center De Waalse Krook (www.dekrook.be) and start-up companies such as Continuum (www.continuum.be) and SonicAngel (www.sonicangel.com).


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